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Shaolin Popey 3 1995

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    Salah satu filem legend kesukaan suka ramai. Trilogi dari siri shaolin popey 1 dan 2. Mimang siuk ni crita. Apa-apa pun dari kita saja baitu. Logot-logoton dikoyu... In Super Mischieves, the two little Shaolin monks and their wacky supervisor Ng Man Tat are beset by trouble from all sides. A beautiful girl has inserted herself into their lives to get her hands on a powerful Shaolin sutra. Native title: 無敵反斗星 Also Known as: Super Mischieves Featuring: Ashton Chen Xiao Long , Kok Siu Man , Eric Kot , Ng Man Tat , Tan Lap Man , Lau Shun , Michael Lee , Yip Chuen Chan , Chan Wai Man , Do Fook Ping , Wong Yat Fei , Cheng Chia Yu

    Duration : 1:29:12
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    Upload By : Iwan Robert Adin Salahuddin Kulandu Kee Sie Yong
    Album : Unknown
    Uploaded : 06 October 2016
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